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Who we are

Normec CareNet Online is part of Normec Foodcare and consists of a team of over 50 quality managers and food technologists. Normec CareNet Online is developed for and by quality managers with more than 20 years of experience in all food branches and care sectors. Normec CareNet Online is developed based on the market demand for smarter and more efficient solutions for the quality department. At your location, we can provide you the details of automation capabilities in the field of smart digital QA solutions. We also supervise automation projects for paperless factories, migration projects (for example in manuals, E-leaning, specification and recipe management) and specific project based assignments to automate the quality department.

Our team

Rick Veldkamp

Patrick Strijker

Ilse Linthorst

Martijn van de Wiel

Marlous van Drunen

Ramon Verwegen

Jeroen Fokkink

Roy de putter

Thymon Maarssen


Our goal is to continuously improve together with the customer. The application is no exception to this rule. We defined the following mission:

To support, centralize and manage the entire quality department with one multi-functional tool. A paperless factory.


By using our application, we strive to clarify the food chain and to improve the corporation between food related companies using the “from farm till fork” principle, as also making this cooperation more efficient. Our application can be used to realize this vision by options to exchange certain data. Food safety is always the starting point. We have defined the following vision:

Integral use of Normec CareNet Online within and between companies to achieve a common goal, namely the food safety in the entire food chain.

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