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Drawing and maintaining specifications is a complex task. We can manage and maintain your product catalogue online. Think about the hours you spend changing all specifications and ingredient declarations if an ingredient is changed. For us, it is a small action to implement this change into all of your processes and recipes. Think about the time this saves within your company.

Manage the specifications yourself

It is also possible to use the application to manage your recipes and specifications yourself. You can use the application to publicize product specifications online for your customers or locations. This makes sure your clients are always in possession of the latest specification. You can even create a separate log-in code per client, so only the right specifications can be seen.

How does it work?

Using the easy online application, you manage all recipes.  You fill the database using ingredient specifications. You can also choose to have your supplier fill the digital ingredient specification by sending a direct link to your database, saving you time. From these ingredients, you can create recipes for semi-finished products and finished products. These can be automatically changed to your company style. The layout of the specifications is easily adjustable, multiple layouts are also possible. Declarations are automatically made using the most recent legislation. Next, you can publicize these specification online, in your own secure web-environment.

Allergens and nutritional values

Because allergens and nutritional values are an important aspect of your specification, and your locations and customers greatly value this information, we made sure this information is easily accessible. This is of course done using the most recent information based on smart real-time information sharing. In the specification module, you log in as user and based on your rights, you can see the specifications for which you have been granted access. For your locations and suppliers, this means you always possess the latest allergen and nutritional information. We made these overviews in separate windows, so you get a complete overview of all allergen information and nutritional information of your entire product catalogue. This allows you to quickly inform your customer, or to use this in an online presentation. Your customers can fully trust your assortment and instantly download the information they need. The time consuming process of sharing specifications, asking for ingredient specifications, updating and managing becomes a lot easier and instantly saves time. On top of this, you will be more service oriented.

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