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Importing registrations or archiving registrations requires a certain amount of time. With the Registrations module it is possible to completely automate registrations. In this way you have directly insight into the progress of processes within your organization. For example, it is possible to verify imported registrations and to monitor deviations. In this way you can meet the requirements of several certification standards in an efficient way.

For all kinds of registrations

The Registration module makes it possible to digitize all kinds of registrations, ranging from CCP registrations and other operational parameters to the registration of visitors of your company. Registrations can be qualitatively, quantitatively as well as open. Planning of registrations can be batch related so you can retrieve the registrations related to a specific batch at a later moment in time.

All these registrations can be managed in one system and can be directed to executing employees in a clever way. It is also possible to manage deviating registrations and to verify imported registrations. Because this module operates via the online application, you will have directl insight into the progress of processes. In this way you are able to manage processes in an efficient way. Additionally, the option ‘statistics’ offers the possibility to generate management information in a quick and efficient way. For example, this management information can exist out of general trends, but also a summary of points of improvement.


Digitization of registrations within your company offers the possibility to operate more efficiently. This efficiency is not only related to the abovementioned management but also to the fact that the paper registration system can be partially or even completely replaced. Imagine the great amounts of paper for registrations and the required time for archiving imported registrations are the past. The module Registrations offers this possibility.

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