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We offer you the ability to fully automate your inspections and audits. The use of a tablet gives you an easy, efficient and standardized way of planning, executing and monitoring your digital inspections. Action points are immediately available online. Based on the associated scores, inspections can be categorized and follow up inspections can be linked to this. Time and money are saved by proper automation.

For all types of inspections

Quality management systems like BRC, IFS and HACCP require you to perform varies types of inspections. Besides the production inspections, many companies perform glass inspections, cleaning inspections and maintenance inspection. All of these inspections are easily managed within the CareNet inspection tool.

How does it work?

You design inspection lists and make a planning in the administrator application. Using a tablet, the planned inspections are filled in at every possible location, with or without an internet connection. You can directly add comments and deviations during an inspection, preventing the need to later use your computer to once again record all deviations. In addition, it is possible to make pictures of the deviations and observations made during the inspection. The pictures are placed at the right position in the report and in the system. As administrator, you can send the action points to the responsible employees. For each inspection, one push at the button gives a completely automated report, in your own desired company lay-out. The inspection rounds can be performed on every tablet, including industrial tablets for special areas like freezers and wet rooms. There are no restrictions on the amount of audits, employees or frequency. You have 100% freedom and flexibility.

Is it possible to work offline using a tablet?

Yes. We cannot expect you to have WIFI or 3G coverage everywhere in your company, especially in remote areas, cooling rooms or freezers, so we have developed an offline mode. This offline mode is standard in the mobile app, which is free in every app store. This online mode works easily. Before you perform the inspection, first synchronize the tablet in a location with internet connection. This gives you the planned inspection lists on your tablet. Next, you can freely perform the inspections without internet connection. It is also possible to perform an inspection on multiple days if you are required to stop an inspection half way through. Once you’re finished, you again synchronize the tablet with one push at the button. At that moment, the inspection lists automatically appear in CareNet. Now, it is possible to send the action points to the responsible employees and send the report.

Always up-to-date and one centralized to-do list

In the application, overviews of outstanding and closed actions can be easily made. It is also possible to make real-time trend analysis of the inspection results by company department or by category. It is also possible to include these graphs in your personal dashboard. Furthermore, these graphs are easy to use as KPI or benchmark tool. These graphs simplifiy the management review and verification.  The status of inspection results are always clear and up-to-date. By digitizing multiple inspection rounds in this manner, multiple to-do lists are prevented, and you can manage all actions digitally in one to-do list. Naturally, this action list can be filtered to department, action holder, priority, deadline and others.

APK rounds and benchmarks

We offer so-called APK-rounds  for the maintenance of your inspection system and checks of the quality system. Our specialized employees with experience in your industry perform the same inspection within the same week or month. Not only do we check if the results are similar, but also if the planned actions are justified and are properly planned, according to the latest legislation and standards. We can also provide the inspections for you, using benchmarks. With this option, we perform the inspection at a predetermined frequency, based on the standards you determined. This also includes re-inspections and handling of deviation. We have experience with this in health care, retail, food service and industry. You are in control with the management dashboard and immediately see where things are or are not going according to plan and, more importantly, why.

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