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Quality management is irreversibly linked to a handbook. The handbook can be designed in many different ways. We have over twenty years of experience in designing good and practical handbooks, for all standards. Starting now, we can also visualize your handbook digitally. Using the internet, you always have access to your handbook and adjustments are immediately realised. This means fewer hours are needed to manage the handbook, the handbook is always up to date and distributing information is faster and easier than ever.

How does it work?

You can get started with the handbook in just a few clicks. First, manually select the design of the header and footer, give your handbook a name and create the chapters. Per chapter, sections can be used to divide within the chapter. Next, you can make documents using an online editor. This is Word, but completely online. This means you can simply copy-paste your documents from Word, Excel and other programs, including tables. You can assign different people to manage and verify each individual document.  Next, you can assign the duration of validity of the document and which departments or people are allowed to view the document. Once a document is verified,  it is placed online immediately. So there is no delay by uploading or publication. Expired documents are automatically categorized in a separate folder so you can work quickly and remain the overview, which helps in times of verifications and audits. New and reviewed documents are cleverly marked, so employees are instantly up to date on changes.

Multiple handbooks

Manage all handbooks in one system. No matter the size of your company, there is often more than one handbook. Using the handbook system, it is possible to design as many handbooks and documents as you desire. You are completely free to create multiple handbook, documents or chapters, or work in multiple languages.

Available everywhere

Because we want your employees, suppliers and customers to always have the most recent versions of your documents available, we designed an online handbook which is easy to work with. A clear overview of all of your documents, wherever in the world, available at any platform, makes it possible for you to share information with your colleagues, suppliers and customers. You can decide for each document who is allowed to see it. This can be done per division, location, department or even on a personal level. Whatever you find useful. We work towards a clear company structure and production chain.


Why wait to publicize or upload your documents if it can go faster? The irritation of making a quick change to one document, followed by a complete upload of the entire handbook is unfortunately also known to us. We believe working this way in the quality department is outdated. Quickly drawing and changing documents with automatic version and change-management is the new method of working in quality management. With full integration of everything the web has to offer in our modules. Hyperlinks between documents, adding documents to your handbook, and linking new validation studies to your existing hazard analysis. Or maybe you would like to have all certificates and questionnaires of suppliers in your handbook. This is also possible, and you get an automated signal if any are outdated.

Quick, easy, manageable and efficient. That’s  Normec CareNet Online.

Migration service online handbook

We understand you have put a lot of effort in your digital handbook, you might even already use a software system with which you are not fully satisfied, or which is slow and time consuming. Maybe you would like to hide some documents, or make separate handbooks per location or department. Or maybe you would like your entire organisation to work with the same system. All of this is possible with the handbook. You have all benefits of the newest technology, but no loss of time. All of your employees can continue in their work, we take care of the migration. In addition, we have an attractive price setting, so there is nothing but benefits. We can transform a complete handbook of 50 to 200 documents between 1 to 3 days, and design the system in your own personal style. Are you interested and would you like a price indication? Feel free to contact us.

Advantages of handbook

  • All documents available within three clicks
  • Useful search option, including “tags” per document for faster searches
  • Handbooks, chapters and sections can all be designed by you
  • Online management of your changed document, real time. No time loss
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • No more software is needed
  • Hyperlinks to all documents, which are automatically changed when documents are changed
  • Automatic version control and automatic recording of changes, all versions remain available
  • Useful flowcharts program which can create good looking flowcharts
  • Easy to monitor and view expired documents
  • All digital files can be added to your handbook, also within the documents
  • Movie clips (for instance from youtube) can be used in your handbook, which can be useful for instructions
  • Rights can be controlled per document
  • An employee can only see what he is allowed to see
  • New and reviewed documents are cleverly marked within the system
  • Handbooks and documents have unique hyperlinks which can be used anywhere in CareNet
  • Include suppliers and clients in your handbook to share information, but only the information you want to share
  • Your employees are always up to date, with the most recent documents

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