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With Normec CareNet Online, we offer an online E-leaning platform. Completely flexible and to be designed by you. This allows your employees and students to follow the training at a time by your choosing, at any given location, at their own pace. Using E-learning, this can be done without interrupting the processes which are important to you, and simultaneously fulfilling legal and internal demands.

Tailor made courses

Normec CareNet Online designs tailor made courses based on years of experience in all food sectors. Not only food related subjects are suitable for e-learning, subjects like healthcare, working environment, safety, hospitability, animal welfare, environment and sustainability are all possibilities. All courses designed by us are Cedeo acknowledged. This means that the vast majority of our clients were satisfied or very satisfied with the services provided. Of course, the courses are designed in your companies style and lay-out.

Design your own courses

It is also possible to develop the courses for your company yourself. You design you own training and questions in the style you desire. You can also design you own certificate. Regardless of your choices, you can manage, invite and monitor the students with one push at the button. In the overview of students, there are smart visualisations of who followed which training, when and with what result.

Exchanging courses

Courses can be exchanged between users. This allows you to exchange courses between your partners and colleagues in the industry. This creates an extensive learning environment and gives you the ability to learn from others.

Your own learning environment

You get your own secured website and database. Within this environment, you can create and manage your training. Even management of students and planning of training is a standard possibility. Your own environment is fully managed by you, the results are easily linked to your existing HR system using the built-in API.

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